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Boat Launches  

Mayo Park

Kayak Launch

Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

Tampa Landing Boat Launch

Bagdad Boat Ramp

Oakland Basin

Mayo Park Kayak Launch - This launch is located upstream on Pond Creek and requires carrying watercraft and equipment to the water’s edge.  Both sides of the creek are accessed from Hwy 90 (Caroline St.) by either Toda Ln or Sunago Dr.

compas rose boat launch 2.png

The east access hasparking and a natural grassy area to launch from.  The west access also has parking and is equipped with bathrooms.  Launching on this side of the creek has a concrete seawall with a deeper entry. 

Located upstream from Mayo Park is the historic site of the Arcadia Mill which used Pond Creek for log transport.  Pond Creek meanders downstream from the Mayo Park launch for about 2.5 miles emptying into the Blackwater River

It is here that Forsyth and Simpson relocated their lumber mill in 1840 which is now Bagdad Mill Site Park.  Just downstream on the Blackwater River you will reach the Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch in the Village of Bagdad.

Welcome to the Village of Bagdad, Santa Rosa County, Florida; established in 1840


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