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Boat Launches  

Mayo Park

Kayak Launch

Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

Tampa Landing Boat Launch

Bagdad Boat Ramp

Oakland Basin

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Bagdad Boat Ramp – This boat launch is located at 7025 Dorrs Fence Rd in the Village of Bagdad.   The steep landing allows access to Oakland Basin where Blackwater River opens.  The launch has a muddy bottom and is suitable for canoes and kayaks.  The basin is often visited by Dolphins that feed on the various fish and marine invertebrates here.

IMG_2647 tc Oakland Basin Launch.jpg

Although there are no facilities at this launch, parking is ample.  The site is popular for relaxing and is also a favorite spot for plein air artists. 

Historically, Oakland Basin was a favored swim spot complete with the I.O.O.F. Pavilion and Tomasello's Bath House. At the water’s edge you can survey to the east where ships were once lined up in the dry docks for repair at Shipyard Point.  These ships had quick access to and from the shipping channel through "Dutchman's Cut", the small pass seen at the point.  To the south, there would’ve been numerous ships in Blackwater Bay waiting to load lumber and goods from the historic Bagdad Lumber mill

Welcome to the Village of Bagdad, Santa Rosa County, Florida; established in 1840


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