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The Bagdad Village Preservation Association welcomes visitors to tour Bagdad's Historic District.  Touring the village will introduce a few highlighted sites that give a glimpse into Bagdad's history as a mill town.

Bagdad Village Historic District:

Tucked under the moss-covered oaks,  approximately 150 historic homes remain in Bagdad.  The homes portray architectural styles directly related to each era of Bagdad's lumber mill. 

These homes range in size from the smallest of the working class to the largest of company executives. As a whole, they represent all levels of life in a typical mill-owned town. 

Unfortunately, many of Bagdad's homes, businesses, and community buildings have been victims of fire or demolition over the years.  Those that remain have undergone restoration or await their turn.

Map of Bagdad Village - This is a map of Bagdad Village in Santa Rosa County, FL, which consisted of a small commercial center on Thompson Street.  Here, the commissary, small stores, barber shop, and post office where originally located.  Streets were given names of mill owners or after their family members.  The houses were positioned on these streets in a class arrangement.

Tour Tips: 

  • Click on the Map above for street and site locations

  • Select a box below to view a street or historic site

Preservation of the Historic Bagdad Mill Site has also helped to convey the overall success of the lumber mill and its mill town.  From here, the lumber mill and supportive industries used the waterways to facilitate the transportation and marketing of goods to the world making Bagdad one of the most successful lumbering organizations in the Western Hemisphere.

Tour Tips: 

  • Click on the Map above for street and site locations

  • Select a box below to view a street or historic site


Forsyth Street

Featuring Thompson House &

Bagdad United Methodist Church

 Florida Heritage Sites

IMG_2480 c Mill Site Park.jpg


Bagdad Mill Site

A Florida Heritage Site

IMG_2459 tcc Snoddy Allen House.jpg


Main Street

IMG_9154 cc Forcade House.jpg

Church Street

Featuring Forcade House

A Florida Heritage Site

IMG_9022 t  Bagdad Museum.jpg


Bagdad Village


IMG_2532 c Historic Bagdad Post Office.j


Thompson Street


Tampa Landing

IMG_0511 c Joseph Forsyth grave.jpg


Historic Cemetery

IMG_2647 tc Oakland Basin Launch.jpg

Oakland Basin


Shipyard Point

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TL 1 Hist B Mill Site
TL1 Main St
TL2 Hist B V Museum
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