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The Village of Bagdad is located at the confluence of the Blackwater River and Pond Creek.  Throughout history, the waterways surrounding Bagdad have been a vital lifeline for all forms of life.

For Indigenous peoples, these waterways facilitated their needs for different food sources as well as movement. Trade eventually flourished as modes of transportation increased.  Through the years, many livelihoods were solely dependent on area waters for industry or the precious resources they contained. 

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Flora and fauna are also dependent on these waterways which consist of creeks, rivers, bayous, and bays.  They are part of a vast ecosystem enriched by nutrients that have been carried downstream.  These nutrients supply the basic needs for a healthy habitat where both marine and wildlife thrive.  

Pond Creek  

Blackwater River  

We invite you to explore our waterways, discover their rich history, and learn about what is hidden in the depths below.    

Blackwater River   

Blackwater Maritime 

Heritage Trail

Pond Creek  

Blackwater Bay     

Yellow River  

Welcome to the Village of Bagdad, Santa Rosa County, Florida; established in 1840
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