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First Pentecostal

Church  of Bagdad 



First Pentecostal 

Church of Bagdad


The First Pentecostal Church was begun in 1969 by Rev. Teston, an elderly minister who came to Milton to retire.  In 1979, the Odd Fellows Hall in Bagdad was purchased by the congregation.  The Hall stood on the corner of Forsyth and Main St where it served as a community building and where class was held for Santa Rosa Christian School.

The building remained as their church until the congregation broke ground on the adjacent lot and built a new church.  In 1984, the new brick church was finished under the leadership of Rev. Curtis Powell. Demolition of the Odd Fellows Hall followed in 1986, closing the pages of its era. The church’s sign now stands on that corner welcoming all to worship.

Reverend Curtis Powell has been the pastor at the church for over 35 years and works closely with Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership on events held at the Bagdad Mill Site Park.  Twice a year, the church holds their rummage and bake sale.  The ladies of the church are known for their delicious homemade ice cream which was served at the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee by invitation from former FL Governor, Bob Graham.

The church prides itself in practicing old fashioned Apostolic Doctrine. Visit their Facebook site at

4636 Forsyth St., Bagdad, FL  32530 

Rev. Curtis Powell



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