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Bagdad Waterfronts

Florida Partnership 



Bagdad Waterfronts

Florida Partnership

Bagdad, FL  32530 

BWFP President   Doug Lasater   850-380-4484

Treasurer   Sue Schumann   850-626-4037

Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership, Inc. was established in 2007 as a 501 C-3 through the State of Florida Waterfronts Florida Partnership program.

This organization is charged with the protection and development of the Bagdad waterfront which encompasses Blackwater River, Pond Creek, and Oakland Basin  located at the south end of Bagdad.

To that purpose, BWFP continues their efforts towards waterfront cleanup, elimination   of   invasive   plants,   and  their


continued work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on projects such as the development of the Ollinger Bruce Pocket Park on a portion of Blackwater Basin.


BWFP has received grants to promote plans for appropriate waterfront enhancements and infrastructure of the Village of Bagdad, as well as plan for appropriate economic development of the waterfront and Bagdad Village.  Monies have been raised with the help of numerous fundraisers and donations from citizens like you.

Our present project, in partnership with Santa Rosa County, is the continued development of the 22 acre Bagdad Mill Site Park.  Located on the former Bagdad Land and Lumber Company property, the new park opened to the public in May of 2016.


Since the beginning of this project, hundreds of volunteer hours have been donated which accomplished the following:  planting of trees, sprinkler system installation, debris removal, elimination of invasive plants, and new restroom facilities.  This magnificent park was made possible by the residents and community organizations of Bagdad and others from the surrounding area.

BWFP works closely with the Florida Archaeology Public Network (FPAN) and the University of West Florida in support of their underwater archaeology program.  The students use the Blackwater River as a classroom where over 25 sunken vessels from the 1800's have been discovered and recorded.  


Our future projects include working with University of West Florida on phase two of the Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail project, and working with the Florida Forest Service on the continued development of wildlife habitat within Bagdad Mill Site Park. 

To join, contact Doug Lasater at 850-380-4484.  For more information on the parks within Bagdad, visit the Parks tab on this site.    


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