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IMG_0511 c Joseph Forsyth grave.jpg
Joseph Forsyth is the founder of Bagdad, FL, located in Santa Rosa County.  In 1840, Forsyth and his partners moved their sawmill facilities from upper Pond Creek downstream to a more strategic location where Pond Creek empties her waters into the Blackwater River.  It is here that the Village of Bagdad developed as a lumber mill community.

Joseph Forsyth


Founder of Bagdad

Early Logging


Hauling of Timber



Lumber Mill

G1 Erly Logging
G1 Bgd Lumber Mill
Gallery 2
IMG_1687 t c p Dr. Turner, 1903, Anatomy

Dr. John B. Turner

Physician for

Bagdad Lumber Co.

IMG_0728 c.jpg

Bagdad Historic 


Picture Essay

P1170488 BW Garnier Landing rs.jpg

Yellow River 

and the Upland Forest

Picture Essay

G2 Bgd Hist Cmty PE
G2 Yllw Rv Upld Frst PE

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