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Boat Launches  

Mayo Park

Kayak Launch

Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

Tampa Landing Boat Launch

Bagdad Boat Ramp

Oakland Basin

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Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch – Accessed from the east end of Cross St, this launch is within Bagdad Mill Site Park at its most southern boundary.  There is paved parking, an ADA/ Wheelchair Accessible portable toilet, and a rubber-matted launch pad.    This area ofthe park features a boardwalk over a pond leading upland to the interior of the park.


A picnic table at the water’s edge gives one rest to take in the beauty of the Blackwater River and imagine the sights and sounds of the historic Bagdad Lumber Mill. To the north is seen the tall fishing pier jutting out over the river.  Just past the pier, Pond Creek empties her waters into the Blackwater.

Across the river, the lumber mill sprawled over to Island #2 where specialty cuts were made.  Vast amounts of timber were floated down area creeks and rivers reaching this destination to make, by 1900, the Village of Bagdad and its lumber mill the largest shipper of yellow pine lumber in the world.

Welcome to the Village of Bagdad, Santa Rosa County, Florida; established in 1840


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