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Bagdad Historic

Cemetery Association 



Bagdad Historic 

Cemetery Association

Bagdad, FL  32530 

BHCA President   Maurine Wingate   850-206-8118

Treasurer   David Bailley   850-982-1804

IMG_0511 c Joseph Forsyth grave.jpg

The Bagdad Historic Cemetery Association was formed in February 2006 as a 501 C-3 non-profit.  The association has diligently worked to preserve and manage the Historic Bagdad Cemetery.

BHCA funding comes from burial lot sales, and events as well as monetary gifts from the community and "Friends of the Cemetery Association."

Bagdad  Historic  Cemetery  is  filled with the graves of those who helped Bagdad become  a  major  industrial  site.

From the 1840s through the early 1900s, these people ushered in many types of industry including lumber and shipbuilding along with various smaller factories and support businesses.


The BHCA's purpose is to preserve, maintain, and improve the Historic Bagdad Cemetery located on Pooley Street.  The Association holds several fundraisers including the popular Cemetery Walk Legends and Lore Tour at Bagdad Cemetery which features characters representing some of the historic Bagdad figures that are now laid to rest.

The funeral pavilion, which also serves as a meeting place and event staging, is a recent accomplishment by the BHCA.  Several other projects include the restoration of iron fencing and improvements to the Pooley Street entrance as well as their continued regular maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

The  Bagdad  Historic  Cemetery  Association  is  excited  about  connecting  with  other groups in the Village of Bagdad, and with the community as a whole.  There are also many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


Join or give support to the Bagdad Historic Cemetery Association by contacting President Maurine Wingate at 850-206-8118 or Treasurer David Bailley at 850-982-1804. 


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