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Bagdad Village

Preservation Association 



Bagdad Village

Preservation Association

1512 Church St., Bagdad, FL  32530 
BVPA President   Elaine Willis  850-623-3288
Vice Chair   Ken Ponsell   850-529-3565

Bagdad Village Preservation Association is dedicated to preserving and sharing Bagdad's history.  Their work involves restoring and preserving some of the historic structures within the village as well as supporting activities and initiatives that improve the community as a whole.

BVPA maintains and operates the Historic Bagdad Village Museum located on Church St.  The 1874 structure formerly functioned as the New Providence Church, built by enslaved and newly freed members.


BVPA also maintains the Milligan House, a shotgun structure built around the turn of the 20th century.  The association is also in the process of restoring the old Bagdad Post Office, built in 1867.  BVPA continues to collect and preserve documents and artifacts that tell the story of the Bagdad Lumber Mill and the daily life of those that lived in the village.


To support its work, BVPA sponsors several events during the year.  One of these is the Bagdad Museum Lecture Series which features topics related to Bagdad and the surrounding area.  Another popular event is the Author's Luncheon Series.  This event features authors whose writings reflect local interests.  Visit the Events tab on this site to learn more about these and other events scheduled.


For more information or to join in BVPA work, call President Elaine Willis at 850-623-3288, or Vice Chair Ken Ponsell at 850-529-3565. 


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