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 Dr. Brian R. Rucker

Dr.  Brian  R.  Rucker's  ancestral  roots  date  back  to the 1840s, counting seven generations in Santa Rosa County.  He is a professor of history at Pensacola State College, and a faculty associate at University of West Florida. 

In 1990, Rucker started his own mail order publishing company, Patagonia Press, based in Bagdad.  It has produced over twenty scholarly books on Gulf South history.

Rucker has authored and edited over fifty books and articles related to West Florida history, including Arcadia and Bagdad:  Industrial Parks of Antebellum FloridaTreasures of the Panhandle:  A Journey Through West Florida, and A Bagdad Christmas.

There is a richness in an encounter with Rucker whether through a lecture, casual conversation, or witnessing him as a historical character (above) on the banks of the Blackwater River.  His love for history is evident in the vast number of books and articles he has written.  Among more of his works are The Unionists of West Florida and West Florida's Creek Indian Crisis of 1837.

Rucker's latest book, Mine Eyes Have Seen, widens our vision of Civil War in the Panhandle of Florida from the Pensacola Bay area eastward to Chattahoochee.  The book was drawn from Rucker's fascination with stories from Florida's newspaper clips from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Rucker is one of the featured speakers during the year  for  the  BVPA  Bagdad  Museum  Lecture  Series.  This event is held the first Saturday of each month at the Historic Bagdad Village Museum.


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