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Tom Scott

Tom Scott hails from South Carolina.  He is a 24-year Air Force veteran having served in Vietnam and as a crew chief aboard Air Force One for the Reagan Administration.  He retired in 1991 and worked as a manager for Aviation Heritage Books and a Technical Writer for Beech Aerospace, and subsequently Raytheon.

Scott holds degrees in both Aerospace Engineering Technology and Graphic Art.  He  is  an  airframe & power plant mechanic (A&P), a restorer of antique tractors, and is an antique model  train  collector.

Blackwater Pyrates Milton, Florida Santa Rosa County

providing Boater Safety, Maritime Heritage Preservation, and River Cleanup to the Blackwater River, its basin, and the surrounding communities. The Blackwater Pyrates have removed more than 26 tons of debris, including 19 derelict boats left in the river, in coordination with the Florida Wildlife Commission and Santa Rosa County.

Scott was founder of the Blackwater Pyrates.  Six original members began with the mission of  

(Below left)  Tom Scott reviews drone images collected by Rick Pascal for the Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail.

Scott is also an active member in the Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership (BWFP).  The Pyrates and BWFP work together to preserve natural and historic sites in and on the areas waterways featured on the Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail.

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Blackwater Pyrates

Blackwater Pyrates Milton, Florida Santa Rosa County


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